Dates, Deadlines and Locations

Information about CACO registration may be found on the CACO Registration page.

CACO Registration Reminders:

  • When registering for the CACO, you must request your date and location preferences.
  • While every attempt will be made to satisfy your preferences, space for clinical skills is limited at each location and CEO-ECO cannot guarantee your preferences.
  • Deadlines will not be extended to accommodate late applications.
  • Orientation Seminar for the clinical skills administration (not necessary for applicants taking written components only) will be held late afternoon on the day before each administration.
  • Travel arrangements should not be made until an assignment to a specific administration site has been made. Travel arrangements should be of sufficient flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes

Reminder: Candidates must submit applications by the deadlines noted. A deadline will not be extended to accommodate late applications

CACO Administration Schedule 2015-16

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 and Fall 2016

*This refers to the estimated date of mailing. Candidates should allow additional mail-delivery time to receive results.

**CEO-ECO will use its best efforts to ensure that its examinations are administered at the scheduled time and location. Any cancellation or interruption of an examination due to circumstances beyond the control of CEO-ECO will in no way render CEO-ECO liable for any claim.