Candidate Results Reporting Procedure

CACO reporting dates are indicated here.

CEO-ECO’s Publication of Examination Results Policy is available here.

A candidate who has successfully completed the CACO or components of the CACO will receive a letter stating that the candidate has passed. A candidate who has not passed will receive a letter and detailed results for the failed component(s). For information, please refer to this information bulletin.

Eight weeks following each administration, CEO-ECO will mail individual performance results to each candidate. Candidates who have passed will receive two “sealed” copies of their pass letter, one for submission to the provincial or territorial regulatory body to which the candidate is applying for registration to practice optometry and one for the candidate’s records. Candidates who have not passed will receive a notification letter as well as detailed results on failed component(s).

To ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of all assessment performance results, CACO Performance Results are sent to candidates by MAIL ONLY to the candidate’s address on file with CEO. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE REPORTS AVAILABLE BY TELEPHONE, FAX OR E-MAIL.

If and where necessary, CACO performance results will be validated by CEO-ECO and reported to the regulators on written request from the regulator or written permission of the candidate.